Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Hello everyone! This is my initial post- very exciting. I am currently about 1 month into my first year of vet school. I slept in this morning instead of goingon large animal rounds. This is very bad of me but I desperately needed the sleep. I spent about 3 hours in the dissection lab working on my dead formaldehyde dog and just about died from the fumes. I dispise working with all that chemical residue. This afternoon I had a cattle handing lab out at one o the university farms. I ended up with all of the greenhorns in my group which made for an interesting afternoon. I couldn't help laughing at their complete lack of knowledge about our animals used in industry. Simple things like why we need feedlots and just can't just raise our cattle on pasture. I guess I take for granted all the previous experience I have with industry but a simple thing like moving a cow through a chute could be hard for a lot of the kids who have never worked around cattle before. We took blood both jugualr and tail vein. It is still hard to shake all the nerves even though I have done this countless of times. I hope that will dissapear now that I am in vet school and the selection committee is confident in my skills and that I can do everything.
This evening I attended a lecture from one of the premiere equine facilites in Canada, Morsan Co. out of Calgary on nuclear scintigraphy. God it looks like such a great career and I would love nothing more than to be one of western Canadas top horse vets, I only worry that the economy and fuel prices may drive the equine industry out of buisness. Horse vets are also looked at as the snobs of the industry. I think though that it is time to do what I want for me, and for no one else.