Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First C section!

So I traded 24 hrs of studying for a bio chem final that was on Monday for the chance to do my first c-section!!!! I headed out to a rural vet clinic 2 hrs away with 2 3rd year students as well as a second year student with the hopes of getting some calving experience. Groups before us didn't have much luck but we were hopeful! We got there and the wife of the vet(lets call him dr. bob) we were with,who has over 30 years experience, fed us a wonderful dinner. Just as we were finishing tea the first call came in. Big calf small hole scenario so one of the third years was asked to step in and perform the c section. I prepped cows and got to do some epidurals and nerve blocks. The second one came in right after and the other 3rd year got to perform that one. We finally got done around 130 in the morning and headed home to bed. Got another call around 7 in the morning, another difficult calving with a torn uterus so the 2nd year got to help on that one! We went home for lunch and Dr. Bob says to me, Angela, if we get one more its yours! So I was very impatiently waiting for the phone to ring as we ate lunch, had tea, watched a c section video, so on and so forth. Finally the phone rings! I almost wet myself with excitement. A C section is something a lot of 3rd years don't always get a chance to do! Sure enough it was another c section so I scrubbed in and got to perform the surgery! Dr. Bob was amazing. So patient and awesome at instructing what needed to be done. I can not even begin to describe what an awesome feeling it was getting to cut into a live living breathing animal. The calf was long dead, but stitching up was so fun! I was so slow compared to Dr. Bob,goes to show what experience does for one!
Dr. Bob also showed us some really cool "things" he has accumulated over the years and keeps in his freezer at the clinic. I was able to diagnose a huge hydroencephalic foals head that he has us palpate through a plastic bag.
It was an amazing weekend that ended too quickly. Too soon I was back in Saskatoon cramming for biochemistry. The exam went pretty well, but even if I don't do as well as I would like it will have been totally worth it!

Monday, March 23, 2009

nothing thrilling

Well, as the title suggests nothing thrilling is happening in this piece of the world. Been studying like mad. Have another final Monday(bio chem) and a midterm in immunology this Thursday. pretty much just trying to hang in till the end. only 36 days till I am finished for the summer. Its hard to believe that in 36 days there will also be green grass. Its been snowing and blowing and raining here but at least the temperature is nice. makes me wish for ponies.....
Went to a really good farrier clinic on Saturday at the school. worked on basic skills such as trimming,pulling shoes, etc. stuff that may come in useful as a vet. brought up a really good point about x rays, useless if there is a bad trim job! all your angles will be off and it will have nothing to do with the pathology of the foot. Also learned ways that a good skilled trained farrier can help an vet get the best treatments for patients such as laminitis or navicular.
Hmmm, what else....... went to a keg party hosted by the winner of the annual "back row boys" scholarship. was a lot of fun! Going to a steak dinner for the bovine club wrap up party tomorrow.
Oh! I was interviewed for a profile in the equine health research fund newsletter for my involvement previously as well as future plans with horses. look for me this summer!
Well, that was a dyslexic post but that's all I've got for now!

Monday, March 16, 2009


many apologies for the foul mood yesterday. I have had enough of the incessant exams and am excited for the week and a half break from exams.So glad thatparticular course is out of the way. There wererecord numbers of my classmates at the campus watering holefollowing that exam. After a break we had to go back for 3 more classes. All the profs felt so sorry for us they kept them short and sweet. Tonight I am relaxing and enjoying enjoying a night watching some tv.
To top off an allready foul day,i believe i have lost my bus pass and forogot i had a reserve copy of a book signed out of the library and now owe 48$ yikes! 1$ an hour for 2 days.
Snuck home for the weekend to attend my olderbrothers graduation banquet and dance. Partied with all my undergrad friends who i hadnt seen in a while. Also attend the initiation ceremonies for Ceres womens fraternity that I was president of before leaving for vet school as well as our brother fraternity farm house. Lots ofdriving, little studying, and a whole lot of fun left me a lot less prepared for that exam then i hoped, but it was definetly worth it.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Is tired

4 hour exam tomorrow, histology, cant wait for it to be over.
I am sick of exams.

Monday, March 9, 2009

and another one bites the dust!

Wrote an embryology final exam today. Went pretty well! 2 finals down 7 to go plus 2 months classes plus 2 midterms plus 1 project...... its going to be a busy 7 week drive to the finish line! Its so hard to believe that in 7 weeks I will be done my first year. where does the time go!
Been hitting the gym trying to loose some of the weight gained by sitting on my behind all year studying. I have actually been able to run on a treadmill! This is amazing as I haven't been able to run without pain for 3 years. I had torsion of my left tibia (twisted about70 degrees between my knee and foot) growing up that caused me to walk turned out on that side and lead to countless popped kneecaps, dislocated knees, and other ouches. my horse was also not very appreciative of the constant left "leg on" signal. In grade 12 (3 years ago) doctors broke the tibia surgically and but my fut on straight and voila! no knee troubles! but it was quite painful to impact and due to hardware in there still it gets sore in cold weather, tendon rubbing, etc. I found to my delight that I could run without impact pain! the hardware gets sore at night but it does with any sort of activity,i just don't have the time to go get it taken out right now.
So YAY!! Have gotten up to 4 km on the treadmill and enjoy my half hour break after school to release some energy and stress! Gotta fit back into my cruel girl jeans for the summer!
I ambackto the books now..... the exams never end!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

more reading week

Spent the rest of reading week at the local vet clinic as well as riding and working with Eurus. Footing was great in in the roundpen so I set up a little free jumping chute. Underestimated my big yearlings stride but it still worked out okay! Just did up to 2'6 but he loved it. Kept going back over it even when I left him alone in the roundpen! Also line drove him for the first time and he did amazing. Perfect halts and turns,I can't wait for my surcingle to come that I ordered for working with him this summer.

Video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfW3iOVlcjw

Rode Digger a fair bit too. This is a picture heading down our hay road after the snowstorm.

Sunday mom and littlesis drove me back to Saskatoon. Wrote exam monday and tuesday and now amstudying for a final next monday in embryology. It is plus 5 today and I wish I had a horse to go ride as we have the afternoon off. A walk will have to suffice. Also spent some time customizing my binders. Not always the most organized person but every now and then I get off my butt and get it done