Monday, March 23, 2009

nothing thrilling

Well, as the title suggests nothing thrilling is happening in this piece of the world. Been studying like mad. Have another final Monday(bio chem) and a midterm in immunology this Thursday. pretty much just trying to hang in till the end. only 36 days till I am finished for the summer. Its hard to believe that in 36 days there will also be green grass. Its been snowing and blowing and raining here but at least the temperature is nice. makes me wish for ponies.....
Went to a really good farrier clinic on Saturday at the school. worked on basic skills such as trimming,pulling shoes, etc. stuff that may come in useful as a vet. brought up a really good point about x rays, useless if there is a bad trim job! all your angles will be off and it will have nothing to do with the pathology of the foot. Also learned ways that a good skilled trained farrier can help an vet get the best treatments for patients such as laminitis or navicular.
Hmmm, what else....... went to a keg party hosted by the winner of the annual "back row boys" scholarship. was a lot of fun! Going to a steak dinner for the bovine club wrap up party tomorrow.
Oh! I was interviewed for a profile in the equine health research fund newsletter for my involvement previously as well as future plans with horses. look for me this summer!
Well, that was a dyslexic post but that's all I've got for now!


fernvalley01 said...

Well glad to hear you haven't fallen under a pile of books and are unable to get out! The countdown is on!I will be great having you out over Easter ,even if we don't have calves yet,Kirk will be about due for another wreck and I am getting too old for this!

GoLightly said...

Kudos for the farrier clinic.
ow, my back:)

Oh, may I PleasE have Eurus?

word verf is

Ok, I guess Not!

greymare said...

If you hadn't been calling us, I too would have thought you'd fallen and couldn't get up. How does one win the Back row boys scholarship. Just sounds interesting. I shouldn't talk haven't posted for awhile either. Very, very busy with everything. Helping out with the auction stuff for Lauri and Henri, Income tax problems and now off to a Land Use Bylaw review meeting. At least your stuff is interesting. I am enjoying soliciting for gifts though. The "photo shoot" went good yesterday. Ah yes, 36 and counting good luck this week