Monday, March 16, 2009


many apologies for the foul mood yesterday. I have had enough of the incessant exams and am excited for the week and a half break from exams.So glad thatparticular course is out of the way. There wererecord numbers of my classmates at the campus watering holefollowing that exam. After a break we had to go back for 3 more classes. All the profs felt so sorry for us they kept them short and sweet. Tonight I am relaxing and enjoying enjoying a night watching some tv.
To top off an allready foul day,i believe i have lost my bus pass and forogot i had a reserve copy of a book signed out of the library and now owe 48$ yikes! 1$ an hour for 2 days.
Snuck home for the weekend to attend my olderbrothers graduation banquet and dance. Partied with all my undergrad friends who i hadnt seen in a while. Also attend the initiation ceremonies for Ceres womens fraternity that I was president of before leaving for vet school as well as our brother fraternity farm house. Lots ofdriving, little studying, and a whole lot of fun left me a lot less prepared for that exam then i hoped, but it was definetly worth it.


fernvalley01 said...

Glad you had a good weekend kid! get that book back quick 48 bucks crap a couple more days and you could own a decent book!Too bad you didn't have more time over the W/E it would have been nice to see you

greymare said...

It sure was a quick visit but enjoyed it. I won't rag on you about your forgetfullness. it is costing you too much already. Can you get a new bus pass? Only 45 more days till you're done and can start enjoying yourself for the summer. How did the exam go? You must have been out last night celebrating as no answer.