Wednesday, March 4, 2009

more reading week

Spent the rest of reading week at the local vet clinic as well as riding and working with Eurus. Footing was great in in the roundpen so I set up a little free jumping chute. Underestimated my big yearlings stride but it still worked out okay! Just did up to 2'6 but he loved it. Kept going back over it even when I left him alone in the roundpen! Also line drove him for the first time and he did amazing. Perfect halts and turns,I can't wait for my surcingle to come that I ordered for working with him this summer.

Video here

Rode Digger a fair bit too. This is a picture heading down our hay road after the snowstorm.

Sunday mom and littlesis drove me back to Saskatoon. Wrote exam monday and tuesday and now amstudying for a final next monday in embryology. It is plus 5 today and I wish I had a horse to go ride as we have the afternoon off. A walk will have to suffice. Also spent some time customizing my binders. Not always the most organized person but every now and then I get off my butt and get it done


fernvalley01 said...

Looks great ! sorry I forgot to mail your keys will do it tomorrow

greymare said...

Boy he does look like a big horse. If I didn't know better, I'd think he was a two or three year old. Had alot of fun with you during the week. Wish the rest of you could be as organized as your binders. Don't forget to mail the "lost" rent receipts. Couldn't connect to the video. Have the count down to when you're done on the board. 56 days to go

GoLightly said...

Okay, who is greymare, and why wasn't she invited to the comment party?

Thanks again, DVM2012, that was hilarious, to this old broad, anyway.

fernvalley01 said...

GoLightly , Greymare is DVM's lovin Momma! you can find her blog here
Or the link is on my sidebar