Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I have reached the beer at the end of the tunnel!

I am done!! 25% DVM (barring i have passed all my finals which i am sure I have). I am currently inebriated so I will post more tomorrow, but I have learned so much and have had such an awesome time here its kind of sad to leave. But this summer is well deserved and I am so excited to not have to study 8 hours a night!
talk to you later!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The end of the tunnel is in sight!!

Tomorrow is our last day of class and it is only a half day with 3 classes! YAY!!! So hard to believe how fast the year has gone. I unfortunately have some huge exams til the 29th so will be digging in deep to get though the next couple of weeks, so sorry, but I will be on a blogger hiatus till the end
Saw some neat immuno suppressed foals in the equine ward at the moment, makes studying immunology easier when the evidence of its importance is right in front of you and its life is hanging in the balance.
Talk to you all soon! Wish me luck!
Ill leave you with some pictures of Louie helping mommy study

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Had an anatomy lab today on horse heads. worked in pairs that each got a horses head that had been sawn saggitly in half down the mid line. It is a 2 week dissection but we did a pretty good job today on it. It was awesome to see some things like the guttural pouch (out pocket of the Eustachian tube) so prone to pathology but that is never seen unless by endoscopy. Really helps with the understanding of the horse in general. Our poor beasty had a nasty upper respiratory infection as when we cut into the nasal concha stinky smelly goopy puss pored out. I <3 it but my hands still reek of puss even though I wore gloves.
After lab I went to the equine clubs year end banquet and watched presentation by some 3rd year students who went on the annual AAEP (American association of equine practitioners) student conference back in august. It is fully funded by the AAEP so 15 3rd year students get to attend for free from our school every year. They toured some of the most amazing clinics and farms in Kentucky. It looked like a blast and I cant wait till it is my turn to go. Some students rented a car and extended their trip to include keeneland, lots of other clinics and farms as well as the horse park where the 2010 equestrian games is going to be held. SO cool.
Afterwards I came home and moped about my lack of horse out here so while looking at pictures of my boys on my laptop I stumbled across this video from a trip home in October. mind the turbulence part way through, forgot I had to keep the camera pointed on the road! Start off at a canter but get up to a pretty good gallop. Completely private road on fernvalleys place so no need to worry about traffic! God I miss my boys so badly! I can't wait to see them again.