Thursday, April 16, 2009

The end of the tunnel is in sight!!

Tomorrow is our last day of class and it is only a half day with 3 classes! YAY!!! So hard to believe how fast the year has gone. I unfortunately have some huge exams til the 29th so will be digging in deep to get though the next couple of weeks, so sorry, but I will be on a blogger hiatus till the end
Saw some neat immuno suppressed foals in the equine ward at the moment, makes studying immunology easier when the evidence of its importance is right in front of you and its life is hanging in the balance.
Talk to you all soon! Wish me luck!
Ill leave you with some pictures of Louie helping mommy study


fernvalley01 said...

love the Louie shots ! very cool little bird .Good luck on the exams (I know you will do well) See you soon!!

GoLightly said...

Boy, I had to suint tosee what Louie was perching on!
darned laptop..

He was giving you some pointers, I see.
Sagittal crest, here...

Good birdie!

Best of Luck on exams!
Glad the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter:)

LOL, word verf

Par for the psycho:)
GL scores!