Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Reading week catch up

What a busy last week! I swear the day I wake up without a busy schedule I know I'll be dead! The last week of school flew by. Had a huge anatomy exam on Tuesday that went pretty well, though missed a few things for sure (how important could the coagulating gland on a chicken be that is has to be on the lab identification portion?) Had a nutrition FINAL on Friday that studying for kept me on my toes. So hard to get in a studying mode when all you can think of is home. It did not go well. Was told to study general concepts but got tested on [icky details.... we'll see how the mark comes in but I have low expectations of that one, and I LOVE nutrition, oh well.
Drove home Friday afternoon after playing hookey from afternoon histology class. Saturday came out to the lake. Spent the day Saturday getting the low down from Aunty Sherry (FernValley01) how was headed to Mexico Sunday who I was going to be farm sitting for! Snuck in a couple rides too, one with my mom and one with a younger girls who boards her cushings affected mare for the winter. The rode out to our hayfield was freshly plowed and so the footing was great and we had a fabulous ride.
Digger, my 9 year old gelding, has always had very sensitive mouth issues and I am a super driving rider so I always had a lot of trouble collecting him up. It been 4 months since Ive really ridden, but in that time I have been doing equilates, a Pilate's form for riders, as well as studying as much as possible on some of older dressage masters tips and techniques. Well, I gently cued digger with the reins to bring his head down, and lightened my seat by lifting my core muscles and shoulders and low and behold Digger picked up the bit and rounded his back up to meet me. Lovely collection, something I have only ever dreamed about with him, but more on that for another time.
Sunday Aunty Sherry left. Did morning chores then went ski dooing with my brother as well as we went for a ride together, since then I've Been Feeding and studying and going into the local vet clinic for some hands on. Got to help IM pin a dogs leg today which was really cool.
Monday it started snowing, and its been snowing and blowing ever since. Over 1ft of fresh powder, which is stunningly beautiful but sure hard to slug through, but onto the pictures!

snow storm

digger and I

my brother and I out for a ride

mom out for her 2nd ride post accident

stallion cactus looking for his share of the grain

The "kids" getting their taste of grain so that the mare in the background with cushings can get her meds in peace.

Andee waiting for her grain

Fix and Arse very excited for their grain

The boys looking pathetic in the snow

Cows waiting to be fed

Filling up the mares stock tank

Feeding the steers

Digger coming up for the fork feeding hay

An overveiw with the geldings in the foregorund and the cows watching me in the background.


GoLightly said...

Hey, sorry I missed the rest of the party, DVM. Once NCC um, expired, I figured I'd better run for the hills..

You took some great pictures, Thanks!

Enjoy your "time off".
Yeah, right.

Thanks for being there!

nccatnip said...

Pssttttt......Hey Kid, how much is it gonna cost us for you to keep quiet? Huh? GL has cash.

fernvalley01 said...

Thanks love you did a great job taking care of things.