Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday in pictures

As something different I figured I would take you along for a boring Sunday of studying at school, seeing as I do nothing but study on my time "off".
So the room mates cat woke me up at 8 as she had spent the night At friends and he was lonely. Got up and had breakfast then headed off to school at around 930. Got to school

and first went to the anatomy lab for a study session.
This is the anatomy lab all setup for reviewing for our Tuesday exam on GI tract and reproduction.

At about 1130 I was finished going though all the specimens and so decided to go meet my friend venti vanilla americano with milk at Starbucks. Starbucks is a 15 min walk from the vet school and it was -25 out, so it was a nice refreshing walk.
Here is Starbucks and I back in the locker room at school after our walk back.

Stopped to nuke the now chilled coffee in the microwaves before heading up to the library that opened at noon.
This is the atrium of the library and my favorite place to study as it has such nice natural lightfrom the sky lights and I like the smell of all the plants

You can see the checkout desk, computers, and functional part of the library behind the atrium. The vet med library is always super quiet and has 1000's of reference books that make studying all that more interesting.

Here is Starbucks and me studying.

Sat here till 3 when I decided to go hit up the lab again.Lots more people in there this time. This is the anatomy cooler where we keep all the formaldehyded specimens including a complete horse, cow,calf,sheep, and about 45 dogs between my class and the animal science students.

Random hamster in formalin in a box.... looks like he water skiing or something..

Penis's!!! Now that we got that out of the way........

So at about 5pm realized I was exhausted so decided it was time to head home.

This is the agriculture building across the street from vet med, can you tell we're in Saskatchewan where Agriculture is king??

Tomorrow I will be posting pics of all the things about horses you wish to have seen but never have.....

Oh, and I didn't study all weekend, Friday night was our valentines happy hour, had a date auction and someone made a beer bong to auction off.....

But it somehow never made it on the bus for the drink a small town dry pub crawl so being the clever resourceful vet students that we are someone brought clean palpation sleeves to have beer drinking contests out of....

oh dear, gotta have a little fun though right?


greymare said...

Sounds like an interesting weekend. the school is beautiful. The specimens in the cooler, your dad could do with out. Looking forward to next week when you're home. Saw your boys this weekend and they're both fine.

fernvalley01 said...

Thanks for the tour Kiddo! Just think next week 7 days of horses hay Skeeter and POOP!!!

Gecko said...

Fascinating! I can't wait to read deeper into your blog, it's so different for a girl who studying only a module of horse anatomy after leaving school at 15y.o.

GoLightly said...

Oh, rats, I'm late.
Way cool, DVM.
Yes please, horse anatomy pictures.
Where are they, did I miss them?
Sorry, never mind, keep studying. As if you'll stop!

great post!
hope FernV is keeping her toes warm:)
LOL, word verf thingy is statick.
No static where she is!