Thursday, February 12, 2009

Quick update..caution, gross pictures!

Got my physiology midterm back,89%!!!! 2nd highest mark, (first was 89.5) Feels good to be the youngest in the class and still kick butt! Went to a few lunch hours talks this week, the first one conditioning the equine athlete. This talk was given by a professor who rides endurance and runs marathons, and shes over50! She and her horse had qualified for the last world equestrian games but being in Dubai during the school year was out of the option. Has her sights set on Kentucky 2010! Awesome presentation and some really cool gadgets such as an on board heart rate monitor etc showed how to apply and modify ideas across disciplines too. 2nd was by the top equine surgeon in the school who presented on equine emergency care. Was really cool and learned a lot.
Anatomy midterm Tuesday on repro and GI as we have Monday off for the family day long weekend. Have a nutrition final Friday. Tomorrow is my classes happy hour follow by a pub crawl and I am so excited to go out and let loose for a bit!
Give you the details Saturday!

Here are some pics from our equine digestion lab. This old mare was donated to the school by her owners when they decided to euthanize her due to old age, poor condition, and she was very lame. She was euthanized and then we got the awesome privilege of using her to further our knowledge.
First one of the equine internal medicine specialist came in and did a mock laparotomy, like they would for exploratory colic surgery and I got to be his assistant. Was super cool for a horse vet wanna be. We then spent 3 hours dissecting every inch, as its not very often you get the chance to do something like this.

Poor old thing was also pregnant, 90 day old fetus

What a horses gastro intestinal tract looks like spreadout

Every body pretending to be a surgeon!

Note: Horse was euthanized before any of this occured! Was allready set on the surgical denno board when we arrived


fernvalley01 said...

Very Cool! Too bad the old girl was bred, tough on an old dolly. That shit eatin grin says you were having a blast . Awsome test scores! way to go Dr Oakley!

Bill said...

Hi there, great blog!-

I work with thoroughbreds here in KY using on-board heart rate and GPS monitoring. Many real life examples and more info on my blog at and my website at

Good luck!-

GoLightly said...

very cool.

what a broken record I sound like.