Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Party planning as the social life goes down the toilet??

It is my classes turn to host a happy hour this Friday, and although I am not on the committee it has somehow turned into my project. Have a lot of experience from planning big dances and parties in undergrad at the U of A and i guess word leaked out. I really enjoy this kind of thing, when it is me who is supposed to be doing it. needless to say I will be spending tomorrow afternoon out shopping for all the supplies and alcohol. Organizers hadn't even thought of getting plates and cups!!!! I want to make sure we do Good job on this as it really reflects on our classes capabilities to the rest of the school. After the happy hour we will be going on a "drink a small town dry" pub crawl, where we take school buses to a small town, undisclosed location, bar and attempt to drink the bar dry. Did this a lot in undergrad with the agriculture students and its always a blast as everyone in the bar is from your group and I LOVE country music.
Unfortunately after this weekend we have major exams every week till the end of the school year. I guess this year over reading week I will actually being doing a lot of reading!!!!

Just for fun here some more artwork from my highschool years.


C-ingspots said...

Wow, you're sensational!! I can draw absolutely nothing. I just wanted to pop over here and say thank you so very much for the info you left on my blog about the Hawaii place you stay at. It sounds awesome! We are going for a family wedding and are staying in Honolulu the first 2 nights, but then...it's out of the city and probably somewhere like Kulai ? (spelling?) which is on the se shore. But I will check out your recommendation too. Thank you very much!! I'm so excited, I can hardly wait and we don't even go until September.

fernvalley01 said...

Love your work Kiddo! I hope your party goes well.11 more sleeps!

Melissa said...

Fantastic artwork!!!!!!
The party sounds like it will be fun, too!