Friday, February 6, 2009

Late is better than never!

Well last weekend I did manage to sneak home for a self declared 3 day weekend. I left right after class Friday and returned at midnight Monday night. Got home to Edmonton around 6pm on Friday, just in time to have a nice sit down dinner with the family.... something that never occurs out here! Its always dinner in front of the lap top or tv for me. There was an Agriculture formal at the U of A so after dinner my brother and I got dressed up nicely and went to the formal. It was so nice to get to see my friends, and also to see everyone dressed up nicely for a change!
Saturday morning we headed out to the farm. I spent the early part of the day working with Eurus. It is so hard not being able to keep consistent work hours with him! We pretty much had to start from the basics. WHOAH and personal space. He is over 15hh as a yearling and can be intimidating behind you when you know he has no breaks and no discretion for knocking you over! We managed to get that fixed though with a little help from Aunty Sherry (FernValley01). He was very good though about picking up his feet and the bit.
Later in the afternoon my future employer, Dr. David Cliplef cam out to Preg Check some cows. I have been doing a lot of repor studies at school and getting a lot of practice with the ultrasound so he brought the portable monitor for his ultrasound system so I could follow along. Dave has a really neat ultrasound. He carries the machine in a small backpack on his back and the image is put onto a pair of sungalss's type eye wear. Makes preg checking a breeze! It was so cool to apply what I am learning to a real life situation!
Didn't ride Digger as it was way to icey outside and no ride is worth either of us getting hurt.
On Sunday I started off the morning by going for a ski doo ride with my dad, bro and sister. We headed out to a spot that we always went to when we were little kids and had a hotdog and fire just like when we were kids. It was so nice and quiet out there. Poor Dad, had to feign wanting another hotdog just so the moment wouldn't end so fast.
That afternoon my mom, who had a bad riding accident in October, got on a horse again for the first time! I was so proud of her. She was terrified, so I jumped up on her horse blue first for her. This is not the horse that threw here. Blue is the steady eddy of the place, the horse you can trust anyone of any skill on, and he proved his worth that afternoon! Mom was smiling fron ear to ear with happiness. The Aunty Sherry hopped on Blue for a quick spin too with me, though unfortuenatly had to learn the downsides of riding in baggy sweats.... Digger was a good boy for me, a little revvy to get out but can you blame him? went from weekly riding to not being ridden in 4 months! Worked again with Eurus as well.
On Monday mom and I spent the morning on the farm both working with our young horses, me with my yearling Eurus and here with her 4 yr old mare Pepsi. We then headed into Edmonton.
Had another nice Dinner at home before all too soon we had to head to the airport so I could fly back to Saskatoon. My room mate picked me up at the airport on this end and we headed home. Got a few hours of sleep before the dream of a weekend was over and I had to head back to school!
Was met with an 830 to 530 day and had a ton of catching up to do for missing class on Monday, but it was worth it! I had a fabulous trip home and can't wait for the next 3 weeks to be over before reading week is here and I can head home once again.

Me and Mom out Riding

Heading out sledding

Me and the machine....


PregChecking Cows

Me and my boy Digger

Riding with Aunty Sherry and Skeeter

Working with Eurus in the round pen, was free lunging him till he made two attempts to jump the fence........

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fernvalley01 said...

Bout time girl!!
It was great to have you home, too short but oh well.Have a good weekend!