Saturday, October 17, 2009


Last weekend was thanksgiving up here in Canada which meant a long weekend for me!!
Got off of school mid day Friday and drove my truck back to Alberta. My grandparents were visiting from Manitoba for the weekend and it was really nice to see them. Spent most of Saturday helping Fernvalley with weaning, holding horses for the farrier and freezing in general. Sunday we set up panels for the winter pen for Eurus and Phoenix and went and got bales for the babies. Mom and I even got out for a ride in a short burst of sunshine! We then went home and ate turkey(which I got the majority of the leftovers from!)
Monday was pretty much clean up and get ready to make tracks back to Saskatoon. The weather had been iffy for the past week, but I was an hour out of Edmonton when I ran into a huge snow squall with zero visibility and very icy roads. Truckie and I ended up in the ditch at one point and luckily I have 4x4 low on it so we were able to climb back out. Then later in the drive an hour away from Saskatoon I stopped for gas and managed to lock my keys in the truck. So 2 hours later someone finally comes to unlock the truck for me. It was a very long and eventful drive back!
I did absolutely zero studying over the weekend so really had to buckle down last week as midterm season is upon us! I wrote a general pathology exam on Thursday and am spending the weekend studying pharmacology, parasitology and virology for exams next week and.....

CLASSY IS COMING TODAY!!!!! I am so excited!! I will post pics once she arrives.....

Digger and I

Mom on Blue

Deer in the field

Tossing bales


GoLightly said...

Yay for Classy!

eeeek, scary driving stories already.
Oh, please, it's too soon.
Glad your truck hung in there for you. Good driver too!

Good luck with mid-terms!

fernvalley01 said...

GLad you were home safely , and I sure appreciate the help when you are here! Enjoy the Classy Pony!