Monday, October 19, 2009

exams, again

Well it is semester turnaround week. Had a pharmacology midterm today that invovled verabtum memorization of 98 different drugs along with their method of actions, contraindications, etc along with a bunch of theory.
tomorrow is a virology final
Friday is a parasitology midterm
Its a rough week from our standpoint!


greymare said...

Great talking to you tonight. rough week but at least you have an outlet now to destress and rejuvinate. Good luck and I promise we'll call and not worry about interrupting. You could probably use some interrupting. Sure your Dad will call when he gets back from Red Deer.

fernvalley01 said...

You will ace it all kid! You are a star!

GoLightly said...

Good luck!

Walter said...
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Walter said...

Had some good experiences with students from Western.

Walter Donovan
Veterinary School Adminstration
Veterinary College Abroad