Saturday, October 17, 2009

A horse of course!!

Classy arrived in fine style this afternoon!! She seemed no worse for wear after her 7 hour trailer ride from Alberta other then a little stocked up.
Met the barn manager Liz, she showed me around the place before Classy arrived! It is a really nice place you can see here at E and J stables It was pony club day so there were a lot of moms and younger girls around. Everyone was so helpful! The barn is an old Mennonite barn with stalls and feed storage on the main floor with tack storage in the loft above and its kind of a free for all, claim a space and utilize it as you see fit. That has me a little worried but I will survive. There is a nice indoor and an outdoor ring with riding from 6am to 11pm. Tons of trails maintained throughout the winter in the neighboring fields as well as a 1 km ride to the river valley with lots of trails.
Once Classy arrived we walked around for a while to stretch her legs and get used to the sites and sounds of the place. She's not used to a busy stable but she will certainly be bomb proof after a little time there(as well as pigeon proof, she thought they were terrifying!) After about an hour of walking and rubbing her legs down I put her in her pasture. Large pasture with about 10 other mares. Classy was a little bit shy and got pushed around at first but eventually buddied up with a big paint and dark bay and managed to get in at a hay bale.
Tomorrow I am heading there early in the morning to get a good lunging session in the arena before it gets busy and then hop on up and get the filly and myself back working! I am so excited I don't think I'll be able to sleep.

A gelding at the barn my mom will drool over

Classy and her buddies

All she wanted to do was eat

More eating

and a picture of Louie helping mom study...


fernvalley01 said...

Looks like she weatherd the trip just fine! thanks for posting pics , you know how us horse moms worry!hAVE FUN TOMORROW

greymare said...

Glad to hear she arrived just fine. Yes he is sure a pretty gelding but my Peps is just fine for me. I know how excited you are but please make sure you're not alone when you get back on her. It has been some time. You'd tell me the same thing with Peps. Take care but have fun and don't forget to study too.

GoLightly said...

hah, I'll just say have fun, 'cause I'm not a mother, or an aunt!
Yay for Classy!

Be careful:)