Friday, October 24, 2008

Well its been a while. School is keeping me pretty busy! I've been busy keeping up with midterms lately, and then my beloved Nana passed away on Oct 14th. I flew to Winnipeg for the funeral and hung with the relatives for a while. It was really good to see everyone and realize the support of your family in situations like that.
I've been trying to escape the vet students. Its really hard spending everyday with the same 76 people, and even worse when you live with two of them. I have been hanging with the Agros (Agriculture students) and really enjoy having a way to just leave school alone for a lil while. Spent last night out with them though and am definitely a little under the weather today.
School is getting more interesting though, as they are really trying to give you as much clinical and practical experience as possible early on. We are currently in a course, called biomedical rounds, where you work in teams and are slowly given more and more information about a case. You discuss daily as a group the progress or what you have found out, and on your own you research the topic of your case. I really like it and was pleased when my first case was equine related and about bog spavin. Being the only person in my group who knew what a bog spavin was nicely head swelling.
I won't be back in Edmonton now till the second week of November, which will be a very long horsey dry spell for me. I recently received some scholarships and am being awarded one at the Sunday performance of the Canadian Finals Rodeo very exciting...... what to wear what to wear.....
"Catch you on the flip flop"

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BarnHag said...

You go girl! I love my female equine vet and so do my geldings. Great field - I'll try to keep up with your progress. Apparently your other classmates don't have much experience with farm animals.

ps. You can party when you graduate - I can't imagine disecting (sp?) anything while recovering from a night on the town . . .