Sunday, January 4, 2009

2 weeks of awesomeness!

Well, as you can all see I've let this sit for 2 weeks due to the fact that exams were over and i got to go HOME! My bro drove out Thursday the 18th and after my exam was finished at 10am the 19th we headed for home. Full van load, my roommate caught a ride to Edmonton with us as well as my bird Louis and all my belongings. Louis traveled well, i was worried with the -20 temps but covered him well and blasted the heat all the way home. Drove through a horrible blizzard but we took our time, making it was more important than getting there on a time budget.
Spent a couple nice days at home, freezing temps, -30!, so although I was at the farm I did nothing but pet noses. My horse would look at me and say " you nuts mah?" if I tried to ride. Left the family golden retriever Rosey with Aunty Sherry for the week she always has a good time at the farm chasing vehicles, cats, and eating the odd horse turd........ deworming when I get home!
left Rosey with Sherry as my family and I headed to Cuba for a week! What an awesome vacation, all inclusive so i could eat all i wanted and drink all i wanted....... it was so nice not to have to think about meal planning for a change. Went riding for 2 hours in Rocazul national park on what appeared to be a small thin crooked legged horse as seen everywhere on the roads and was a bit worried, but was rather impressed at the surefootedness and stamina the little beasts had. Went snorkeling, SCUBA diving and just relaxed. Managed to be on a first name basis with the bartender at the swim up bar, not sure if that is a good thing or not.

Spent the week after getting home relaxing, we had our little Christmas and I got tons of coffee, and other caffeine related products including an awesome little espresso maker complete with milk frothier so I can finally make a good cup of coffee and survive the next semester. Also gots some books, movies, and a Winchester pellet gun complete with scope, awesome.

Aunty Sherry picked me up on the 30th after dropping Rosy off at the house in the city and I spent the night at the farm. Winston and Skeeter, my doggy buddies at the farm, were very happy to have auntie Angela spend the night. I worked with Eurus the next morning, saddle, bridle, lunging etc. have come to the conclusion that I have a broke yearling so will spend the next semester thinking up things to do with him over the summer. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Have been studying long lining and driving in hand and might give it a go....
It was snowy like crazy and very cold still, but helped treat Rocky, a little colt we are taking care of, for his pulled stifle and also went to get hay. I love going for hay and the falling snow made it such a pretty trip! Most of the horses get rounds, but we buy squares for the little guys so there is less wastage and we can keep a better eye on the amount they are eating. I love climbing high up on the stacked hay to chuck down bales, as long as its hay, not straw, as straw is too slippery and I always feel like falling!
Got back from hay and brought my girl-hood gelding digger up to the barn for some love and treats, and decided to go for a ride in -30! I was a human Popsicle when I was finished but enjoyed every minute of it and apparently so did Digger, as he jigged and pranced the entire ride. I love that horse to pieces.
Spent new years at the farm and then came back into town, down to 1 vehicle due to an accident so didn't have a choice otherwise I would have stayed out at the farm. Did some shopping saw a movie, Australia (awesome!) and chilled.

Came back to Saskatoon today, caught a ride with a room mate. it was too funny as we had her cat ( in a crate) and my bird Louie side by side on the back seat. We had that little car loaded to the nines. Now I am busy prepping for class tomorrow, printing notes, organizing etc. Louie is sitting on my arm watching the computer screen.

Back to the books tomorrow, I am now 12.5% a veterinarian, time to earn the next 12.5%!

Out riding, my horse was the pinto and was named "pinto", my sis inappropriately wore shorts and suffered later for it.

Bro and I at out favorite spot, the swim up bar

Bro, sis, and I

Hobie Cating with my sis


fernvalley01 said...

Miss you already kiddo!
We will be hauling hAY AGAIN AROUND THE 24TH(LOL)

fernvalley01 said...

crap! caps lock
I will learn to type

dvm2012 said...

lol, dont think Ill be home..... wish I was though!