Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Ukrainian Christmas!

To all the Ukrainians out there, merry Christmas! We vet students are always looking for a reason to party. We had a large potluck at a friends house with copious volumes of wine. Had awesome food that included perogies, meat balls, roast, potatoes, salads, chutney, and so on! It was great to relax with a few good friends. We then played a little wii before heading to the nearby pub for some karaoke. It was a great night.
As for school, they are putting us through the grinder. 8 hr days of nothing but lectures. We have started a great new course though called Survey of Veterinary Medicine. A veterinary degree gives a person so may options as to careers, and what you do when you first graduate isn't what you have to do your entire life. This class is presentations by keynote members of areas of veterinary medicine. Today Dr. Jerry Haigh, author of the the book series "A Glascow Vet in Africa" and wildlife veterinarian spoke and WOW what an amazing speaker. No props, and after an entire days of lectures kept us all riveted on the edges of our seats as he told us about his adventures in Africa. He has been in numerous facets as a veterinarian, but spent the majority of this life in Africa and Mongolia. Amazing, can't wait for the next class!

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