Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sorry for the wait!

WOW, has it ever been a busy summer, and I do not have Internet in the place I am staying in for the summer and although I told myself I could use the Internet at work over my lunch hour, I never seem to get a lunch hour!
I am back in Alberta now and living out by fernvalleys place while working at the local mixed animal veterinary practice. The practice I work at handles everything from horses and cattle (beef and dairy) to pot belly pigs, cats, dogs, ferrets, budgies, goats, llamas, alpacas and so on... It has been a fabulous experience so far, I even got to do my first surgery last week, a cat neuter, but I can't complain! I am currently pulling the graveyard shift on monitoring a group of critical care patients in the clinic that include a scouring calf, a dog with liver disease, a dog that came in at midnight with a huge bite wound, as well as another dog fight wound victim. Liver dog enjoys pulling his IV out every half hour or so and needs constant monitoring. I swear that's one of the hardest things about vet med, your patients don't always realize that what you are trying to do is actually helping!
I have been really enjoying getting to see my horses every day after work, though some days I don't get off work till late and then am too tired to do anything more than pet noses. I have tons of photos but Don't have them here at the clinic unfortunately.
I will try to update again soon!


fernvalley01 said...

Kiddo you can come over and use my computer any time you like

GoLightly said...

Yay for cat neutering!

Sounds like you're in the perfect practice for practice.
I mean...

Well, you know what I mean.

What a challenging job, and how great you are to be doing it.

Animals need people like you.

I'd reccommend sleeping, over blogging, just because you need to be well-rested for next years work:)

But don't stop blogging! How else will I get my virtual vet reading?

Now that's a mixed message;)

all the best, and kudos to you, and that amazing auntie FV.
and that amazing mom, grey mare.

GoLightly said...

I know you didn't rig the contest, ya goopy.

sheesh, you Albertans...
Or is that Albertonians?

Hope the mare didn't hurt that knee of yours.