Saturday, July 25, 2009

I have not perished!

I am still alive, work at the vet clinic is keeping me super busy but I will try to update everyone. I absolutely love my job and it confirms that I am definetly on the corect career path. There are two doctors at the clinic, one the owner and the other a part timer. Part timer is so much fun to work with and she lets me do so much! With her I have done some power floats on horses, tons of IV drugging of horses, repaired an aural hematoma on a dog, and neutered countless cats to name a few things. I guess owner heard all I was doing and was feeling a little, put out out maybe? Anywho he says one day to me "Angela, I bet you're having way more fun with (part timer) then you are with me". What do you say?!?!? Yes? the truth? So we are out later that day on a gelding call and he says to me, "I bet (part timer) never let you geld a horse yet, want to give it a shot?" I was elated!! To date I removed 3 testicles out of horses as the 2nd horse I tried to do was an inguinal crypt so Owner had to help. Absolutely makes my summer.

I also do a lot of veterinary nurse work at the clinic, doing x-rays, surgical prepping, and so on.

Outside of work I have been busy with my horses. I built some lovely white jump standards and after convincing the silly 9 year old appy that they were not going to eat him have been having a lot of fun over those. At a local show last year we had to leave the ring of the jumper class as he spooked at the white standards so badly. All we had at home were Milk Crates to build jumps out of! He is also doing fabulous around the barrel pattern and has flying changes down. All the things on my to do list for the summer with him have been completed so He is down to part time work.

I have started riding a filly of my auntie sherry's who has recently came back from the trainers. She is a very tall brilliant 3 year old and an absolute doll to ride. She is coming to Saskatoon for the winter with me as my riding horse. I hope to have her ready for a couple shows next spring.

Eurus is monstrous! Sticked him at 15.3hh last week and he just turned 2! I work him once a week in the arena. He takes any saddle western or English like an old pro and long lines like a master. Can do serpentine, figure eights, you name it. A couple weeks ago he had the western saddle on and I grabbed the horn and just hung off the saddle with my feet off the ground. He didn't flinch an inch!! Will be sitting on him before the summer is out just to say I did.

Thats pretty much what I've been up to other then work, I have also been helping Sherry to get the mares bred.
Will try to post once more before school is back in!


fernvalley01 said...

Now everyone will know I haven't worked you to death! ...yet

GoLightly said...


Thanks for posting!

Yay for de-testicling.
I'm ALL for that:)