Sunday, August 23, 2009

Reloaded and ready for action!!

Here is a recap of the summer.
Work was amazing. I got to work with alpacas, bot belly pigs, dogs, cats, chickens, horses, bovines, and everything in between. After meeting up with classmates for a bbq Saturday and swapping summer tales I got to do an unbelievable am out of hands on at the clinic I worked at. I did everything including: monitoring anesthesia, all iv injections on every species, intubating surgical patients and prepping for surgery, geldings, lots of palpating and ultra sounding, AI, and the list goes on. I was very sad to leave there and come back to Saskatoon but am reassured as they have offered me work post graduating as well as other potential opportunities!

ultra sounding dairy cattle, see the fetus on the monitor?

A truly shit eating grin for fern...

Alpaca baby(called "cria")

Ultra sounding horses

Elk herd surveys and counts for CWD

Lived out at the farm and spent every waking moment with the horses. Diggers was a saint after an initial period of him being super crazy excited about working. Got the barrel pattern down flat, jumped over 3' with the nice standards I built, got flying changes down and just had fun!

Worked with Eurus a lot. He is such a big boy but is such a gentle giant. He is willing to do anything as long as he knows there will be a snack involved. He long lines like a pro, takes a saddle(and a rider!!!) Only got on him once as he is only two but is all ready nearing 16hh!!
we've come a long way from here.....
to here!

Also been riding a young mare of Fernvalley's Classy. She went to a trainers for 30 days(the future vets new rule about riding young horses that are not hers). She has been a real sweet heart and I can't wait for her to get here. Yep that's right! I will have a horse while at school!!!! Sanity will be that much closer this year.

And had lots of fun in between
Went to watch Lipizzaner's and cried they were so beautiful

Hiked to the top of a mountain with my bro

Got very drunk at an outside concert with my lil sis so badly that fernvalley had to come peel me off the side of the highway puking.

Bought my first vehicle!!

and took in lots of the beautiful Alberta scenery
All in all it was a fabulous summer, but I am still excited to be back at school. This first week is pretty hectic with us 2nd years throwing many parties for the 1st years but there is some real class.
Will post as the ride gets going for the 2nd time around!


fernvalley01 said...

Looks like you are settling in well .I wasn't telling any one about the "accidental Drunking" at Darwell.
Miss you kid , keep in touch

GoLightly said...

Applause! COOL!

What a great summer, and FV is sure gonna miss ya.

Eurus looks so great! A Classy horse will surely keep those studying blues from settling in.

Vet students DRINK??
who knew??
Kudos, and all the best this term!

greymare said...

Yes Ange it was a fabulous summer. Thanks for all the help and great times and all the encouragement with Peps and Me. I didn't mention the "drunken" episode either. Good of you to feel okay about letting it be known. We miss you already but are so very proud of you. Take good care of "Trucky" and FV and I will take good care of your boys.