Monday, September 7, 2009

Whirlwind weeks!

Wow! Busy first couple of weeks.

The first week of class went really well. Lots of parties as we now second years welcome the new batch of firsties to the program. Welcome bbq Monday, Tuesday recovery, Wednesday night was hurricane party(where we have house parties, get our first year buddies tipsy, dress them up in silly costumes and take them to the bar), and the list goes on. Lots of fun.

The jello shots for hurricane party that I hosted
The start of the party
The costumes
The end of the party, oh dear!!! At least it wasn' me this year!

First weekend was pretty slow, not a lot of homework yet so went for ice cream, to a nice pub called Winston's, and spent Sunday sun tanning down at cranberry flats, a local beach along the south Saskatchewan river (it was +30!) Also biked over 35km till i got a flat tire.
The second week we buckled down to class. We are currently taking general pathology, virology, evidence based medicine, micro biology, pharmacology, medical imaging, pain and analgesia, and parasitology (enough with the _ologies!) It was a long 3 day weekend this last weekend so my room mate from last year who house jumped with me came home with me for the weekend. We had fun riding horses, playing badminton, and enjoying my moms fabulous cooking!! I sure makes me miss living rural though.
What biking in Saskatoon looks like!
Sun tanning by the river
Swimming in the river!
Sydney and I our for a ride at Fernvalleys place on Greymares horse Blue and my gelding Digger!
Go Sydney!


fernvalley01 said...

It was good to see you home . Hopefully we can get Classy out to you soon.

greymare said...

Thanks for the compliment Ange. I really enjoyed having you and Sydney here too. Went from a houseful on the weekend to just Rose and me tonight. Blue looks great with Sydney.

GoLightly said...

How was Houdini?

Funny horse you have there, DVM2012.