Tuesday, September 22, 2009

and so the "just in time" scenario begins!!

It's hard to believe it is the first day of fall, and was also the day of my first midterm!!! It was a relatively slack course and the midterm was very easy, but we'll see what the verdict is in a couple weeks when the grades arrive. The course is called evidence based medicine and currently has been teaching us about the science of trashing research papers. Very scintilating
Second midterm is Thursday and is Virology. Pretty self explanatory there, but we still have crazy long days and are starting to drown in the memorization piles. Between the different viruses, bacteria, parasites, and drugs we have thousands of things to memorize. Big thanks to who ever invented the flash card!!
I am also anxiously awaiting the arrival of fernvalley's mare Classy, it will make being out here so much more bearable and give me an incentive to get the homework done in a timely fashion and not waste time on certain websites.....
peace out!
I leave you with my boy Digger...


GoLightly said...

Best of luck to your neural net!

I LoveD flash cards.

I also found writing them out just as helpful.

Hope your Classy project/SanitySaver arrives soon!

When does FV get back? Sunday late?
No reason for askin'...
chocolate tequila.
Is that all they teach you in vet school??
How not to drink?


fernvalley01 said...

Workin on it girl .Marc may grab your big bro and make a run out there this week . Fingers crossed!