Saturday, September 12, 2009

the weekend

Well, not a lot of studying went on to say the least.
Friday night was the annual "round - up" event which consists of dinner, silent auction, and a huge dance. We were lucky this year in the fact that the first graduating class of wcvm, the class of 1969, came to party with us! Room mates and I started out at a friends house "predrinking", in order to save money once at the party. We play a drinking came known as sociables which is quite fun. We then walked to the hall where the dinner and dance was at.
The wcvm has a tradition known as "skits", where the class hosting the upcoming event does 5 short 5-8 min skits to advertise the upcoming event to the other classes every day. Here are a couple examples. They can either be digitally done or live.

skit examples

Room mates and I dressed up for the party! (I am in green)

So partied hard Friday night.

Saturday was the annual softball tournament. I have never played softball before so figured I would give it a shot! There were about 30 students who crawled out of bed hung over and got to the field. Had a lot of fun, actually managed to hit the ball as well as get hit by the ball (I have a few bruises). There was also a lot of beer drinking going on! It was a beautiful sunny day around 26 degrees so It was a lovely way to spend the day.

my first attempt at hitting the ball, I not only managed to hit the ball but also get hit by the ball in the course of the day.

That's hard work!! Refueling between matches

Look alive!

Pets had fun too!

Sunday I did the dreaded landry now that our machine was fixed. Also caught up on homework by studying in the backyard and enjoying the lovely hot weather. Roomies and I ate lots of icecream too ;)


fernvalley01 said...

SOunds like a great weekend , enjoy!

GoLightly said...

Go easy on your liver. It tidies your blood, which helps your brain.

Just sayin'.