Sunday, November 1, 2009

Time off??? never!

Well although I made it through the tough week of exams, there were still a couple more to go so I have been hiding out and digging in deep to get through. Write the last one on Tuesday which is Microbiology. It has suffered from "last exam" syndrome up to this point, that is it has been completely ignored so I am a little bit worried. Oh well, we will prevail!
Friday night was the first happy hour of the school of which I was one of the organizers for. Of course it was in celebration of Halloween. It was followed with a pub crawl of which we will say no more.
I went as Dorothy from the wizard of oz...

Spent Saturday recovering and went riding in the evening after pony club was finished. Classy was super distracted by the fact that there were other horses in the arena. Couldn't go more than 5 steps without stopping and when she doesn't want to move she is adamant about it!! Well the other horses eventually left and then it was a 180 degree flip. All of a sudden all she wanted to do was MOVE and do so at a very fast very disorganized trot. not good for hungover rider. No more sweet feed for her!!
Sunday morning went again to the barn. Took a crop with me just in case we had to "i don't want to move argument" again. it was good thinking on my part. We spent this morning ride just working on listening to leg signals and giving to the legs. After a short time with some stick reinforcement she caught onto the idea and we had a great ride. Lots of transition work to get her listening and more responsive.
Then went home and studied all day for microbiology.
I took my camera to the barn to get some pictures but unfortunately it died before I got on...


fernvalley01 said...

Pub crawl huh ? nuff said . Sounds like you and Classy are still doing well ,she is looking good. Just starting to test her limits a bit is she ?

GoLightly said...

Hah, Classy could feel your pain;)

If all else fails, re: Microbiology, blurt the first bug that pops into your head.
Or on your hands;)

Streptococci, staphylococci, corynebacterium.
Okay, I looked them up:)
All I could think of was E. coli.
Thanks for the memories!
Best of luck!

greymare said...

Pub crawl, Lost your shoes huh? reminiscent of a certain time this summer, only then you thought you lost your boot. Looked into the old greyhound. Looks possible. Will finalize tomorrow. Good luck with your exam on Tuesday. I'm off to Calgary till Friday, but your Dad will be home. Rob says you write like you talk. Still laughing.