Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Where is november going?

Had a nice weekend. On saturday went out to the barn. Rode Classy in the outdoor arena and she was pretty hot so it took a while to get her going calmly with nice rythm. After she settled down we headed out to the fields. The barn is owner by a couple who trains thoroughbreds but are from England so hack them out the british way, not round and round in circles on a dirt track but on all these wonderfully groomed trails over the surrounding quarter sections. Classy and I went for a nice controlled gallop and good god that girly can move! Ended up by the south saskatchewan river which runs near the barn. Beautiful set of trails along the river valley edge. Lots of dog though but Classy was a very good girl with all the dogs. ALl in all rode over 2 hours which was a little long for Classy, but she wasn't hot or sweated up, just tired. DIdn't even want to eat when she got back, just wanted to sleep in the sun.

Trail ride by the river!!

Some photos from last week in the indoor

I keep trudgin away at the studying, December is going to be a rough month at school so I am trying to get as far ahead as I can.

My mom is coming for a short visit and I am so excited!! It has been so long since I got to see my family. Thusday we head home for a 3 day weekend and will be partaking of the fun known as Bar None with all my friends from undergrad.

Will post when I get back!


fernvalley01 said...

Looks great ! enjoy your time with the Momma! I know she is looking forward to it as well. Hope to see you on the weekend.

GoLightly said...

Don't ask me where November went. I thought we were still going to have a summer, and bam. The festive season looms, and I never did get a tan.

Classy looks gorgeous. Of course.

Hang in, the grind of December will fly by, with a good gallop, once in a while:)

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