Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Back to the grind

After two lovely weeks of no exams we are back at them in full force! Wrote 2 this week: genetics and an embryology and I think both went well. 4 more to go till christmas!
It was my birthday on Sunday. Went out friday night to the WCVM christmas formal and happy hour. Was a lot of fun to party in a nice dress! Spent the entire weekend studying. Got some nice western clothes for my birthday along with some nice jewelery, a mug, and other assorted things. Best gift of all though was the video my mom and aunty Sherry made of my horses. I miss them so much and It was awesome to get such a great video of them. 3 long weeks till i get to see them and my family again..........

The horses arent really that short backed and fat..... issue i hear with the new video camera

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