Saturday, December 13, 2008

The little parts of life

How can things so small be so complicated? Love the lab part of this class. Looking at the cells and using skills of visual interpretation is SO much fun, but the lecture material is ARGH! Too many little cells with too many individul differences. Spent all day at school studying for this exam monday and tuesday.

Can you tell I don't get out much... I have never once mentioned the weather! Well it is -30 with a severe wind chill warning overnight. AKA COLD so yours truly will be hiding out at home tomorrow studying and catching up on laundry.

It is so hard being a student around christmas as we are so busy with exams that we don't get to partake in the christmas festivities. Bought a poinsetta this week and its our one christmas decoration in our apartment. I thought it was bad in undergrad, but at least then we didn't have classes, but vet school has full classes, labs, and exams right till christmas. Bought a Reba McIntyre christmas CD o try to get me in the mood while studying. Maybe I'll start seeing christmas trees and reindeer in the mass of cells to interpret... wonder how that would go over if I wrote it on the exam for an answer....

Got a genetics exam back too on firday 85%! YAY! Maybe starting to hit my stride with this whole vet school thing. Though as you can probably tell I am still mark obsessed, need somewhere to brag as its definetly not kosher to do so in school ;)

Want to check out what I am doing then head to for a taster.

5 days, 3 exams, and 12 classes till I get to go home!


fernvalley01 said...

Brag away Kid we are all so proud of you!

GoLightly said...

Wow, way cool link for histology!

Thank you, I have something to read that interests me:)

Great work!!

Brag away, please.

Kudos to your obvious hard work ethic!