Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Into the deep freeze

Winter has seemed to come out of no where these past few days. It is really windy here in Saskatoon and with -20 +snow + wind = miserable. Makes studying a little more bearable though. I got 95% on my last embryology quiz, just the pre-exam boost I needed! I write anatomy tomorrow, histology Monday and Tuesday, and cardiac/pulmonary physiology next Friday so I am digging in deep with the studying. I love anatomy, has to be my favorite course. I am a super visual learner, all my notes a are drawings, and the current anatomy professor is really big on you being able to recreate the relevant anatomy on paper so I am really looking forward to this exam. Histology Lab I really like for the same reasons, its super visual but the class part is so hard to pay attention in as it is really not interesting at all.
I head to Cuba on the 21st, and have been going to tanning in preparation. Its my little me time every second day and I feel so good when I am done. Nothing like a little vitamin D to brighten up your day!
Louie is doing really well too. He gets his flight feathers trimmed this weekend to make training a little easier. Right now when I do something he doesn't like he just flys away. He is becoming more habituated to handling though. He was always happy to sit on your finger, shoulder, or head, but you had to put him there and heaven forbid you try to tough him. He also never liked landing on your hand, he had to land on his treat stick. now he happily lands on your finger, loves to sit on my shoulder for hours and play with my hair, and is letting my rub his keel. We have also learned NO when it comes to biting. He gets so excited when I come home, I walk in my room and re starts chirping away at me and if I don't move to let him out he hangs form the cage above the door begging to be let out. He is also getting more adult feathers and is starting to get a nice blue rump!

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fernvalley01 said...

Pretty bird kid,does he eat worms? (sorry had to drop that in)
We are having warm/cold snow/rain you know typical Alberta winter. Eurus has not attemted any more feline murder this week but wow was he a pissy pony.
Congrats on your exams I know now that you have hit your stride you will be a Star!! ( I always think you are)