Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Boarding barn etiquette

Been busy catching up with all my class work that put off during mid terms. Gah there is so much to catch up on.
Classy has been going really well. She has muscled up so much all ready she looks like a different horse. We have been cantering lately and have also been going on trail rides. She has been so good. Learned what a half halt and is learning how to step up underneath herself more and carry herself instead of making me do it. I am sore! Its been a while since I have ridden such a big moving horse with regularity. We had a little accident on Saturday. It was nice out and the pony club was in the indoor arena so we were in the outdoor. She was cross firing into a corner a lost her balance and fell. We were both fine so I got back on and we continued on with our ride.
I have never really ridden in a big boarding facility, I have always ridden at Fern's place. Some of the crazy stupid neurotic things I have seen completely blow my mind. There is one crazy women with 3 very gorgeous horses all super well broke who lunges each of them for an hour every night (right when I am always there riding, and you aren't supposed to lunge when others are in the arena). I have never seen her ride them even though she talks as if she's won every ribbon available in the area. Strangeness number 2 is the electric heating pad under the saddle on the horse for an hour before riding every night which another girl is a fan of.
One last night takes the cake. The barn where we saddle up in is an old Mennonite barn with a fairly low ceiling. I am saddling up in one stall and hear a girl sacking out a young horses with the saddle in a neighboring stall. Okay cool, working with a young horse. She then proceeded to GET ON the horse in the small box stall with the ceiling so low that she couldn't even sit up fully. WTF! She was so proud of herself for getting on this horse for the 2nd time ever. I didn't say anything as I am the new person and don't want to come off as an ass or be somehow liable if she got hurt.
Should I say something?? what is proper boarding barn etiquette?

Camera is not working :( sorry, no pictures yet.


GoLightly said...

"what is proper boarding barn etiquette?"

Say nothing, and carry a big stick;)

fernvalley01 said...

Hard to say kiddo, If it is a safety issue...
as to the rest like I said , cha ching , these people will be running to Dr Oakley for every little thing in time.
Glad you and Classy are both OK,
Be careful with my girl...YOU !!!

Heather said...

That is a good question and the best answer is to say nothing. I never, ever give advice unless someone SPECIFICALLY asks for help. I'm also always leery of people who do freely give advice.
As for the idiot getting on in the stall, either mention it to the manager, or just let it go and know that it isn't your business.