Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gotta love a holiday and money!

It was a 4 day weekend this weekend so I flew home for the weekend! Saw my horses Saturday. Worked with my yearling Eurus and after not seeing him for a month could not believe the size of him! He is bigger now than my 8 year old gelding. He had a brain-fart moment though and I wound up getting kicked. Nice bruise now as a reminder of his love..... Rode my gelding too on a nice trail ride. Riding completely recharges my batteries and I miss it so much when I am away.
Went to the CFR Saturday night with my aunt and uncle and my mom. Had fun shopping and the perf was awesome! Went Sunday as well as I was a recipient of the Bill Kehler Memorial Scholarship and was awarded it during the performance. Sunday night headed back out to the farm.
Spent Monday at Onoway Vet. Reminds me why I am in vet school. I did a pile of blood work and was amazed when I could not only analyze but also understand all the results. What a great feeling.
Woke up Tuesday to snow and headed off early to the airport for my flight home. Have not studied 1 second over the last four days for my physiology midterm this week so it will definitely be time to buckle down to work when I get home.
Will add some pictures later.....

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