Monday, November 17, 2008

What time is it??

Now that that is out of my system........

Went home early Friday for the biggest party of the year, Bar None on the weekend. Hit up the warm up dance Friday night. Got to see all my friends as the Aggie's were there to party, the U of S Agros came down, and the pre-vetters were hosting the party. All my favorite 200 some people all rolled into one big night. Danced with more guys than I can count and had a blast!
Saturday went to Ceres Pancake Breakfast. Ceres is a Women's Agricultural Fraternity that I used to be the president of before coming to Saskatoon and I miss the girls so much. I then had a Ceres alumni association meeting that went fairly well and we had a record number of alumni present seeing as it was bar none weekend and most were in town. Pre-Drank and partied it up with some friends on campus before a very fun train ride to the agricom that involved beer and chanting dirty Aggi songs.
Bar None itself was amazing. Brett Kissel opened and was amazing, had a beautiful 9 min rendition of Amarillo by Morning. Gord Bamford was the head liner and also did an amazing job.
Spent Sunday recovering from the party before being picked up by my fellow vet-school Bar None Junkies and came back to Saskatoon.

Awesome weekend, miss my friends tons, and now down to the books.

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