Thursday, November 6, 2008

What year is it?

What the kitty thinks of the birdie

Nah Nah!

Who Hoo! Embryology down, only physiology left to go! Spent the afternoon in lab learning how to work a horribly outdated ECG machine that we will never encounter outside of the college. The results is the same, but man do I thank god for technology, those things we use are using are beasts!
Between outdated profs and machines I feel like I spent the day in the 80's.
Another picture of Louie! Convinced him to sit on my hand.....


fernvalley01 said...

Deep breaths kid, deep breaths. You will be good. Come home this weekend see the ponies ,have a beverage or six and go back swingin!

C-ingspots said...

Oh boy, some days sure can be rough!! But you hang in there kiddo, you'll do just fine!! So...I'm thinking that fernvalley01 might be your lovin momma?? I kinda get that feeling...good luck on those finals! Large animal medicine is so phenomenal - horses are amazing animals and working with them daily is rewarding and challenging as well. But...sure doesn't pay nearly as well as the small animal side! You'll work your buttons off, have lousy hours and less pay - sounds great huh?? But in life, rewards and blessings come from unexpected places. Enjoy your weekend - and yes, deep breaths are good. :) Listen to your momma!! (I do)

fernvalley01 said...

c-ingspots I am not her mom just a loving Aunt who is incredibly proud of the girl.